Coaching Philosophy

One size does not fit all

Golfers vary considerably, in many ways, including physiology, mindset, age, ability, lifestyles and end goals. Every golfer is unique and each has their own individual wants, needs and aspirations.

Nicky strongly believes that by moulding her coaching around these differences to best suit the individual, the most successful results can be achieved.

One of her key aims as a coach is to self-empower and guide each individual to ultimately become their own coach through a greater and simplified understanding of their game – leading to increased sustainability, consistency, self-reliance and most importantly, enjoyment.

Coaching Packages

What are you looking for?

    Private tuition tailored around your personal requirements

    Dedicated to working with you to suit your goals, ability and lifestyle. Private lessons may also include video analysis and coaching technology.

    One-to-one on course analysis

    Play a full round of golf with Nicky and receive instant feedback, develop your course management skills and maximise your potential.

    Full or half day tuition with a packed and informative programme

    Nicky’s golf schools offer fun and informative half or full day options, covering all key aspects of the game.

    Fun, luxury coaching breaks to suit your requirements

    Combine a luxurious, relaxing break away with improving your game. All abilities are welcome and may be tailored to suit requirements.

Really good teachers, teach you how to teach yourself.
Jack Nicklaus