The best golf coach I have met. Nicky has a calm and supportive approach to her teaching. As a teacher myself, I know a great teacher when I see one – and Nicky is a great teacher.
Di Marks-Maran
Professor of Healthcare Education Handicap 18

PGA Fellow Professional Nicky Lawrenson first took up the game more than 20 years ago. In 1998 she embarked upon her professional career at the prestigious Belfry Golf Centre, host to numerous Ryder Cup matches and attained her PGA Diploma gaining 3rd position within Great Britain and Ireland in the Titleist Trainee of The Year Award.

Following on from The Belfry she furthered her coaching career at The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, working for leading Tour coach Peter Cowen where she gained invaluable experience and went on to become Senior Academy Instructor. Nicky has also had experience coaching in China and Germany and in 2007 was appointed Academy Director of the PGA Academy at Roda Golf and Beach Resort, Murcia, Spain.


Nicky Lawrenson

A continuous passion to develop her knowledge within the game is at the forefront and in satisfying this, she regularly attends seminars both in the UK and overseas, the most recent of which included the World Golf Fitness Summit, Orlando, Florida. Nicky has also spent time studying alongside leading experts in the field of Golf specific physiotherapy and fitness in Melbourne, Australia and is a qualified TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Professional with a diploma in sports nutrition.

Seeking to gain the best possible results for her students, Nicky throughout her career has also pursued her passion within the field of performance mindset and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner. Fuelled by this passion, Nicky has also studied a broad field of concepts within Eastern philosophies and modern psychology. Having worked with golfers of all abilities and through her own competitive years as a golfer she has gained great experience in working with some of the mindset challenges that, at times, can hold golfers back from realising their full potential. Nicky provides practical insights to assist in unlocking any limiting patterns of habit on the golf course allowing golfers to fulfill their potential and most importantly maximising enjoyment!

Loving a challenge along the way, Nicky had the great the opportunity of climbing the Worlds highest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hitting one of the few golf shots ever struck from the summit!

Welcoming golfers of all ages and abilities, Nicky’s coaching philosophy bases itself upon a holistic approach with a passion to develop each individuals golfing needs in an enjoyable, relaxed and simplified manner.

Nicky is the best golf teacher I have met, and I have taken lessons from a number of golf professionals. She has a calm and supportive approach to her teaching. As a teacher myself, I know a great teacher when I see one – and Nicky is a great teacher. Each session I have had with her has given me some ‘gold nuggets’ of advice and information that have really improved my game. She focuses on one aspect of your game at a time and never overburdens you with too much information. Since working with Nicky my handicap has reduced significantly and I feel certain that it will continue to come down even more.
Di Marks-Maran
Professor of Health Care Education
I had been going downhill with my golf until I met up with this magic lady – after six lessons I am on my way back from oblivion. Nicky’s technique is sympathetic and does not mean that you have to change everything as some coaches insist. She finds the worthwhile bits left in your arsenal and brings them up to scratch (not that “scratch” – yet) so that confidence returns and I am now able to give my colleagues a decent game and return to the clubhouse with a reasonable number of points. She is a truly natural teacher and explains things very simply so that they make absolute sense. I now enjoy my golf once more. Thank you Nicky.
Mike Turner
Handicap 21
I moved to Spain from Ireland to pursue a career in golf. At the time I was on the Ireland Boys Team and playing International events. I met Nicky in my second year here and I have worked with her ever since. There has been a dramatic improvement in my game since I began working with Nicky. She is highly qualified in all the ares of teaching and working on every aspect of the game with her has made a huge difference to my game. She has helped me with fitness, diet and the mental side of golf. She has helped me take my game to the next level.
Ruaidhri Mcgee
European Tour
I have been playing golf for 30 years now and play off 6, I have always had the odd lesson to tidy up my swing etc, but since meeting Nicky I must say she far outshines the other Pros that I have encountered. She can explain complex movements so simply that it all just seems to click into place. When you visit Nicky with a problem with your game, she spots the cause more or less immediately and equips you with the skills and confidence to go on to overcome that problem.
Alec Wilkey
Handicap 6
The Christmas present that changed my life was 6 lessons with Nicky. Although never ( and I mean ever) having any interest in the game , these lessons have given me a new lease of life. I was very dubious that I would ever be able to hit the ball but Nicky made the lessons fun without any pressure and now I am able to play fairly competently. She was so encouraging and although it's still a surprise to me, I am delighted that I decided to embrace the lessons. Thank you Nicky you have made such a difference and I love the new opportunities playing this sport has given me.
Carole White
Handicap 36
Nicky Lawrenson has a natural talent and flair for teaching. My background is in education and training, on many occasions in my career, I have met a teacher who stands out from the rest – a teacher who has the flair and ability to help others to reach their full potential. In the world of golf, Nicky is one of these exceptionally gifted teachers. She brings out the best in those who have lessons from her, whether they are high or low handicappers. I play off a handicap of 18 and have already improved my consistency and ball striking with help from Nicky.
Sylvia Docking
Handicap 18